Liturgical Ministries

Volunteers in the liturgical ministries serve God and the parish by assisting in various capacities related to the Holy Mass or other liturgies.

The ministries at Daily & Weekend Masses are as follows:

altar linen

Altar Linen Cleaning

For more information, please contact the Parish Office at 623-546-2767.

altar server

Altar Servers

Altar serving is an important way for our parishioners to become involved in the spiritual life of the church. Altar servers add to the solemnity of the Mass by assisting the priest. Training is conducted by experienced altar servers and new altar servers have the opportunity to shadow other altar servers for continued training and confidence. Altar server robes are provided by the parish.



The music ministry at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish includes an excellent choir of about 60 voices. We love to sing in unison and in parts to the glory of God, to beautify the Holy Mass, and to encourage congregational singing. Practices are held at Our Lady of Lourdes every Thursday afternoon from 4:00-6:00pm. We sing during the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass. The choir also sings for special liturgies such as the Easter Vigil and the Good Friday service. No previous choir experience, ability to read music, or auditions required!


Cantors & Instrumentalists

Cantors play an important role in our music ministry by leading the singing at most weekend liturgies and by proclaiming the psalm and Gospel acclamation. A pleasant voice, humility and a desire to serve are important qualifications.

If you play a musical instrument, please consider using your talent to add an extra layer of sonic beauty to our liturgies. The Director of Music can write parts for your instrument that take into consideration your level of ability.

giving communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Communion Rite is the heart and center of the entire Eucharistic Liturgy. We are given the opportunity as Ministers of Holy Communion to take part in the rite by helping the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion. Please consider joining us and sharing in this special privilege.

Funeral Mass Ministers: Altar Servers, Lectors, and Ushers

Altar Servers are always needed to support our Priest and Deacons.
Readers are needed for when families opt out of proclaiming scripture.
Funeral Ushers have extra duties and are specifically trained for Funeral Masses.

Funeral or Memorial Masses are scheduled at 10:00am Monday-Saturday.

For more information, please contact Funeral Coordinator, Julie Gradillas, at



Being the servant proclaimer, the lector communicates the passion and emotion of the scripture writers at Mass, nourishing the faith of the believing community, touching the hearts of the people by magnifying the Word of the Lord.

organ pipes


Our parish is blessed with a beautiful pipe organ. Installed in 2005, the organ at Our Lady of Lourdes Church is actually two organs combined into one.

There are three divisions: two in the choir area and one large division mounted on the rear wall of the church. The organ consists of 24 ranks of pipes, which were built in the Netherlands by Pels and Van Leeuwen. There are 160 digital stops and eight computers.

This exceptional instrument is played from a custom Rodgers five manual console, and is the largest organ in Arizona to use both traditional and digital components. The Great, Solo, Choir, and Pedal divisions are contained within the casework at the rear of the church.

Find out more about our organ.


New Technology Ministry

Individuals with a love for technology or who are not afraid to learn about computers and video equipment. The system is very user friendly. But we need devoted ministers who desire to make the Live-stream Mass at their own parish accessible to the homebound and those from afar.

For more information, contact James Salas at 623-214-3516.


Ushers & Greeters

The main roles of Ushers include: greeting people entering the church, taking up the collection of gifts, assisting attendees to communion, especially those with special needs and distributing bulletins after Mass.